The vocation for the service of Cobertis drives us to have an annual innovation plan in which we adapt, improve and evolve our tools and workflows.

Thanks to this constant investment in innovation and technology, Cobertis has different tools that contribute to a better management, both of our collaborators as well as of our employees and clients.

Access our APP to see your personal information, report a claim, make your payments or check products. 

Internal platform for access to quotations for all products, divided into individuals, self-employed workers and companies.

Access a personalized area with all your insurance, receipts and claims. Manage and check your information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Can you imagine a virtual market with our newest products? Enter our market and discover them. Innovative insurance and easy to hire online. 

Database in which we gather all the commercial, administrative and claims information of all the products and companies with which we work in Cobertis.

You can make your payments by credit card. A comfortable and easy way without surcharges and 100% safe. 

Internal repository of documents related to products, classified by companies.

Web platform that gives legal aid to Cobertis workers, in connection with an external legal advice to the company.